'The Alexander Technique helped me to get rid of my acute back pain quickly and I continued with lessons. I feel somehow, more structurally sound. With the Alexander Technique I have changed the way I think.'

John Lodge

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Messages from pupils

Between my second and third lessons, for the first time in living memory I had no back pain!
Just a quick note to say thankyou for being so calm and reassuring throughout my classes, it's just what I needed!
I had a very natural and mobile labour ... 2hrs 30mins in total. I remained calm and focussed throughout, which I'm sure was helped by your advice.
A huge thankyou again, K
I don't have lessons now, but I do use the Alexander Technique every day and my migraines have reduced and in general I am less troubled by aches and pains.
Baby no. 2 arrived, weighed in at 10lb 11oz - labour took 4 hrs - only 3 stitches + only gas & air. What a difference from last time!
Thanks for all your help, Sheila.
If you ever want me to recommend Alexander Technique, feel free. Thanks, E
I have had considerable success in using the Alexander Technique to overcome the physical disabilities associated with Parkinson's Disease ... done wonders to my confidence and morale, particularly on social occasions. Parkinson is all about "pulling down" while the Alexander Technique is all about "going up".